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I'm Elaine Cook and I am a self diagnosed travel-a-holic. Every inch of the globe is on my bucket list. Seeing new cultures, different sights and tasting unfamiliar foods excites me. What is even more exciting is being able to introduce travel to far away lands to new travelers and seasoned travelers alike. Being able to escort groups is the best reward ever.


Having set foot on every single continent in the world, my goal is to help others to experience what this great planet has to offer. As we grow older, the mundane business of everyday life can sedate us into a mere existence that impacts our health, adds stress and crushes our creativity. Simply said, we often  settle into being comfortable with a monotonous rhythm. Travel takes us out of our comfort zone and tantalizes our senses, challenges us to see more, do more and be more.  Best of all, travel experiences expand our world and make us appreciate what we have and what we are, making us better people to those we love and those we meet.


Mama Kuku Travel was founded out of my profound love of travel, and to help those who want to see more of the world. Mama Kuku is Swahili for "Mother Hen". Watching over my travelers like they are my chickadees is what I hope stands out above all other travel agencies. I care about the people who travel with me and I care about those we meet and the places we visit. Together - great travel awaits.


Call or email for information on a trip or create your own!


Phone: 1 (352) 821-MAMA....that's (352) 821-6262.  

Fla. Seller of Travel Ref. No. ST41381

Introduce yourself to the world by traveling in it. Join a group or create your own group. Travel alone or bring friends and family. Either way Mama Kuku welcomes you to all the places on the planet you haven't seen yet.

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